Heidi burkey

Heidi Burkey is a documentary director committed to capturing unique and compelling stories that draw audiences beyond life’s closed doors. Her passion for story stems from the belief that one of the greatest forms of dignity we can offer another person is the space to be known and heard.

Based in Los Angeles, California, Heidi brings over 8 years of experience documenting stories through written and visual storytelling. Specializing in nonprofit, advocacy and documentary films, Heidi travels the globe listening and catching the inspiring stories of people and organizations. In 2016, Heidi worked as a Producer for Fusion's Digital Documentary team. During her time at Fusion, she produced a 30 minute Primetime Special that aired on Fusion TV and five documentary short films that collectively garnered over 400K views on Fusion's YouTube channel and over 4.5M views on Fusion's Facebook page. During her previous work with the nonprofit, DTJ, she produced, directed and edited over 45 international documentary shorts advocating for social change on behalf of children. 

In 2010, she co-founded Counter Productions,  whose first short film Love Bites immediately won the BIGSTAR Mockumentary Short Film Contest. Heidi directed and produced  the feature documentary, Jedi Junior High, an organically funny coming-of-age film about the theatric aspirations of middle schoolers performing a musical version of Star Wars: The Empire Strikes BackJedi Junior High was distributed on Digital HD and On Demand by Mar Vista Entertainment in November 2015 and is currently available for streaming on Netflix. She is in production for her second feature, Bell’s Angels. The untold story of Coach Franke Ann Bell, a woman who defied all odds to become one of the most famous coaches in swimming that you’ve never heard of.